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Top10WallStreet has everything you need to know before deciding which investment communities and blogs are the most suitable for you. We are a professional team of financial market experts, investment analysts and fund managers focused on empowering people on their journey of financial independence by demonstrating the best online investor forums. 

Our goal is to make it easy to compare various investment research websites and facilitate the decision-making process based on our hands on experiences and collected data. There are so many investment-focused platforms and we are indicating the best ones worth signing up to. 

Unbiased & Independent

We provide, on a daily basis, a detailed and updated list of the 10 most successful online investment research platforms and trading brokers in order to help people make informed decisions about the ones worth joining. Our team has tested hundreds of investment communities, platforms, blogs & brokers – we strive for quality through accurate information and detailed reviews, pointing out the pros and cons of each investment research service. 


Our research is created by professional investors who put every site and service through the same rigorous review process. We never accept ‘free’ trials – we always subscribe to investment services with full access in order to test-out paying user experience in full. 

Recognized authority on Investments

Our founder, Simon Lewis, is a world leading expert in investing. He’s tested hundreds of investment research services and communities. His work and articles have been featured on Business Insider, The New York Times, CNet, Bloomberg and other mainstream investment media.

The Top10WallStreet team has helped hold the industry accountable and improve investing communities for the benefit of passionate investors around the world. 

Meet the Team

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis

Financial Analyst, Founder


I've been nurturing an interest in finances since I was a kid by watching my father in his daily working routine as a financial analyst. He inspired me to follow the same path. I worked in various investment banks providing business recommendations and creating financial models that could predict the outcome of business decisions. During my career, I studied market trends and gathered a large amount of financial data, which allowed me to provide accurate investment opinions and recommendations.

I'm a professional website editor with over 10 years' experience. As an editor, I like to provide positive experience to the users, so I refine every sentence that enters the site and organize it according to its theme and relevance. I see myself as a valuable and crucial instrument in making any online page pleasant to navigate, offering a good user experience. However, the main reason why I joined Top10WallStreet, was my passion for financial freedom and investments.

Carrie Sanders

Carrie Sanders

Site Editor


Michael Lane

Michael Lane

Head of Research


As an investor and member of numerous investment platforms and communities, I see how valuable investment research can be to better understand current market situation and make more accurate investing decisions. I love contributing to other people's knowledge, especially when they can benefit from it. That's why I joined Top10WallStreet team to coordinate all the research that supports the goals of the platform.